Korea Venture Investment Corp.(KVIC) is a government agency specialized in Fund of Funds management. KVIC provides finance venture capital firms that invest in SMEs and venture companies for job creation and growth of SMEs and venture companies.

Since its establishment, KVIC has played a significant role as the cornerstone and has committed around USD 1.6 billion into 120 VC/PE funds in Korea.

Expected input from KVIC

  • Match final closing of MaC VC up to 40% of total commitments.
  • Promote Interactions with with Korean conglomerates (Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK).
  • Direct connection to governmental projects (Energy, HLS, Medical…).
  • Public promotion and public support

M-Venture Investments Inc.


  • Leading fund manager with strong financial base from Korean Government.
  • Managing 10 Funds with US300$Mil. –200 Portfolio Companies.
  • Successful experiences of exits in global markets.
  • Top 10 Venture Capital Investment Activities in Korea.
  • Exposure to the best of Korean companies & Technologies.
  • Co investments opportunities with global Korean companies.
  • Strong Relations with Korean Government – Better Access to Governmental Projects.
  • Korean connection insures access to Korea and Asia – fastest growing technological markets in the world.
  • Rapid return on the investments through excellent access to strategic and commercialization agreements with global-Korean companies.




  • Represent Consensus Business Group in Israel (
  • Leverage global knowhow and expertise in investments and funds management.
  • Leverage deal flow in Israel – 225 portfolio technological companies via Funds, Incubators & Direct Investments).
  • Leverage offset model.
  • Strong, Experienced global Management in UK & Israel with Track record in Investments management & Business Management.

Agate RM Investment and Medical Technologies Ltd.


  • Agate Medical investments LP is a group of funds, specialized in providing growth capital to mature Medtech companies.
  • Agate, as one of Israel’s leading healthcare investors, has established a leading position in the healthcare VC industry, resulting in quality deal-flow and investor partnerships.
  • Since its formation in September 2007, Agate has invested in 8 promising companies.
  • Agate II was established in February 2012, for Korea-Israel MedTech investments, under partnership in the MAC fund.